Sunday, May 30, 2010

We are in Madrid for the week! It is such a European city! People are dining out at any time day and night. Just sitting outside or inside having a drink or a cup of coffee. The city creates a very relaxed and chill vibe. Some of the interesting things I found are all the mimos posing along the streets. There are people dressed as torreodors, gorillas and all other random things. There are lots of magicians, street artists and entertainers along the streets! Pretty fun! Watch out for pickpocketers though. The guy on the picture is seemingly without a head! And he is posing for my camera and giving me sums up! haha
Some other interesting things: eggs is a dinner food and bar food apparently (how odd!); there is no drinking water available in most places! You have to pay for water even at a restaurant; the symbol of Madrid is a bear sniffing a tree! The first day we got here we were clueless why there was a statue of a bear and a tree on the main plaza Puerta de Sol! haha :) Alright, back to having an amazing time here :))

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