Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Don't show the limit of your knowledge or the bottom of your pockets" - said the architect that we visited today in Toledo. You can take a lot out of these words.. For me architecture stands on the edge between clarity and ambiguity, transparency and mystery. The more I learn about architecture the more I understand that it is not simply design. It is a very deep and thorough study of the site, history, human expectations, and the needs for the building. It has to be approachable, but it should surprise at the same time; it has to create a sequence, a procession; finally, it has to create an emotion. What kind of emotion do we want a building to create? For me this is the hardest question. The archive building we went to today created a feeling of stability, serenity, embrace of the past... The architect seemed to have a strong passion for his work and the deep understanding the past, the site and the culture of the town...

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