Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spain 2011 Program

We've got an exciting trip planned for 2011, including a ten-day workshop in conjunction with the IE School of Architecture in Madrid.

Our travels will be intense. Using Madrid and Barcelona as base camps, we will visit a total of 8 cities in 35 days, including a ten-day design workshop in Madrid. We will walk until our feet are sore. We will visit more than 80 buildings, and fill piles of sketchbooks in mere weeks. We will immerse ourselves in the cultures--architectural, culinary, historical, social--of the Iberian Peninsula, and from our observations, we will begin to learn about the relationship of building culture to culture more broadly understood.

Our trip will take us to the following cities: Madrid, Toledo, El Escorial, Córdoba, León, Igualada, Girona and Barcelona.

The course will consist of three phases: we will spend the first twelve days based in Barcelona, including a pair of daytrips to Girona and Igualada; the next eleven days will be spent visiting Madrid, and using the city as a hub for high-speed rail-fueled daytrips to five other cities in Spain. The third and final component of the trip will be a ten-day design workshop at the IE School of Architecture in Madrid, where IIT students, Spanish IE students, and a group of students from around the world will collaborate on an urban-scale project. Instruction will be in English, with Professors Goodman and Canna forming a team with other professors from the IE School.

More information to follow.

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