Sunday, June 28, 2009

High point.

In Barcelona now.

We have had a succession of high points on this trip, each one briefly holding the title of "best of trip".

Friday afternoon will be hard to beat. Jordi Fauli, one of the chief architects of the continuation of the Sageada Familia, gave us a four-hour tour of the church, the working studio and model shop, and of the construction site. We were taken into the scaffolding over the nave and were able to see up use the complex geometry of the vaults.

From the slightly rickety scaffolds 250 feet above Barcelona, we were treated to a view of the city, and of Gaudi's original towers, from a truly priveleged vantage point.

Extraordinary photos to follow.

We've just left Mies's Barcelona Pavillion. The students feel at home.

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